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Online Audit

This audit is designed so you can find out how green your office is. It includes basic information on identifying environmental impacts and finding solutions. The majority of the questions will apply to all offices.

It should enable you to gather some basic information about your office, take action and track your progress.

The audit should take no more than 10 minutes to complete when you have some basic information to hand. Once the audit is completed a report card is produced that enables you to assess your current green office practice.

At the end of the audit you will be given the choice of submitting your data to our database to help with our development of this project. All data collected is governed by our privacy policy.

How to undertake the Green Office Online Audit

1. Read the audit and supporting information, answering the questions you can.
2. Return to the audit with necessary figures or information that you require.
3. Complete the audit and produce the report card for your office.
4. Distribute and display your Greening the Office Report Card.
5. Implement changes and review your progress made in greening the office by returning to the Green Office Online Audit at a later date.

Supporting Information

The fact sheets provide practical information on the main topics. There are also directories of sources of further information and suppliers. You can read the supporting information whilst completing the audit.

There is however an audit “time-out” function that activates after 60 minutes or if you leave the Green Audit site.

Thank you for your time.

Friends of the Earth Scotland


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