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Greening the Office

Every day at Friends of the Earth Scotland we receive calls asking us about environmentally friendly products: whether it is really worth recycling and how to go about greening the office.

Our Online Audit is designed to answer these questions. It is aimed at those putting green office policy into practice and those who want to protect the environment but may not have the time or the money to immediately overhaul the workplace.

To work towards a greener office environment we all have to look at the resources we use and reduce the waste and pollution that is created each working day. We hope that this audit will provide solutions and guidance in creating that greener office.

Greening the Office Online Audit

The audit includes basic information on identifying environmental impacts and finding solutions. The majority of the questions will apply to all offices.

It should enable you to gather some basic information about your office, take action and track your progress.

The audit should take no more than 10 minutes to complete when you have some basic information to hand. Once the audit is completed a report card is produced that enables you to assess your current green office practice.

Supporting Information

The fact sheets provide practical information on the main topics. There are also directories of web-based links to sources of further information, green office suppliers and other relevant links.

Green Office Action Plan

For even more information on Greening the Office, we have produced a comprehensive easy-to-use guide, the Green Office Action Plan (GOAP). It has additional background information on all the topics (and more) included in our Online Audit. The GOAP includes practical “blow-up” pages, audit templates, facts and figures, green suppliers and additional sources of information. First published, July 1996, Updated November 2002. Cost £20.00 See Publications on the FoES Home Site.

All information contained in the Green Office Online Audit, including details of companies, organisations, their products and services is believed to be correct at the time of initial launch in June 2003. Friends of the Earth Scotland cannot be held responsible for any services or goods offered by the companies contained in the Directory, nor do we endorse any environmental claims made by the said companies.

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